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RCV Handheld Engines

  • Our unique patented technology offers distinct advantages over existing 2 & 4 stroke handheld technologies due to the highly efficient combustion and valve system. This provides 2-stroke levels of power and engine speed with 4-stroke emissions from 20cc to 70cc.
  • We have technology demonstrator engines available and are seeking partners to manufacture under licence for handheld Forest and Garden applications.
  • RCV Engines has complete design control so any configuration can be considered:
    o Fuel/oil mix or straight gasoline
    o Capacity range from 20cc to 70cc
    o Option for patented engine balancing system for ultra low vibration





  • Capacity 35cc
  • Power 1.5Kw
  • High power and rPM potential
  • EU2 emissions without after-treatment
  • Ultra low vibration option with balancer
  • Good sound quality



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  • The HRCV35 is rotary valve 4-stroke engine offering 2-stroke equivalent performance with the added advantages of low emissions, excellent fuel economy, quiet running and reliable starting.
  • Developed specifically for the handheld market this engine can be provided in straight gasoline or fuel/oil mix configurations





    • Capacity 35cc
    • Power 1.8Kw
    • High power to weight
    • EU2 emissions without after treatment
    • Maintenance free valve drive system


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  • The VRCV35 features a vertical rotary valve for an optimised combustion system.
  • Offering an option to replace existing 2 stroke engines where high specific power is paramount such as professional products.